Linda Agosto is a New Yorker with rhythm, style and big dreams. A singer/songwriter who infuses her lyrics and music with life experience and faith. Linda Agosto’s Puerto Rican roots season her performances with Caribbean flair. Agosto’s faith in God is the overpowering force behind her music. With a powerful voice to match her purpose, Linda Agosto recorded her debut album entitled “Linda” that mixes modes of music from traditional Gospel, R&B and Hip Hop to a praise-filled blend of sanctified Salsa.

Stirring the faithful to dance in praise and worship with messaging that empower is the direction Linda Agosto has chosen to take in her music ministry. Her latest single, “In The Fire,” sung both as a spiritual ballad and a salsa driven epic styled song that signifies the triumph over slavery and colonialism steeped deeply in Caribbean history.Written during a particularly difficult time in her life, “In The Fire,” symbolizes victory over struggle and doubt. “In The Fire” is a purpose driven song sung to the masses in both English and Spanish. The English version of the track is meant to widen the exposure of Salsa Gospel into the mainstream and to new audiences.

Sharing the stage, praising God with Ministers and Psalmists like T. D. Jakes, Zachary Timms, R. W. Shamback, R. J. Washington, Liston Paige and Martha Munizzi, Linda Agosto holds her own. Featured on the TBN show “Praise The Lord,” the 700 Club and Vida Dura (the Spanish language 700 Club), Linda Agosto shares her passion for the Lord with an extensive audience, including large events across the United States at political inaugurations, Chaplain graduations and concerts honoring the victims of September 11t

Linda Agosto is a consummate performer with power, passion and perseverance. She is ready to take on the responsibility of ministering with her special brand of music to a crossover audience and has the talent to make musical miracles happen.

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