April 30th
Radio Interview Cocinando Con Archie Mercado en La Clave Tropical
May 6th
Light The Fire at Covenant Centre International
May 20th-22st
The Expo in Miami Florida Various Radio and Television appearances
July 15th-18th
Boston Massachusetts
July 19th-21st
Music Video Shoot in Lowell and Bradford Mass.
July 23rd
Live DVD Recording Concert
July 25th-31st
Appearances in New York City and the Tristate Area
March 6th
TBN "Praise The Lord"
April 1st
Harvest Fields Community Church
April 15th
International Worship Experience
April 30th
The Dr. Cal Hour of InsightThe Dr. Cal Hour of Insight
May 25th
Happy Hour Live Atlanta
May 26th
Iglesia La Vina Louisville Kentucky
May 27th
Iglesia Rios De Agua Viva
May 29th
Arise Blog Talk Radio Interview
June 30th
Hope Factory Concert
July 1st-8th
New York, New Jersey
July 22nd
Higher Hope Christian Ministries
July 29th
Greater Victory Christian Center
August 24th
Atlanta Live
Prayze Factor Peoples Choice Awards
Oct. 6th
New Hope Benefit Concert







































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